Artificial Intelligence for analysis of chest CT

Quantitative analysis of medical images plays a substantial role in research and clinical trials. Thirona’s lung quantification software offers analysis of chest CT scans based on artificial intelligence, aiding in the detection, evaluation, and treatment planning of lung diseases. Analysis provided by the software include quantifications of anatomical volumes, disease distributions, airway morphology, vascular morphology, and fissure completeness.

Certified product

Thirona offers quality chest CT scan analysis with our certified software LungQ™. It precisely detects emphysematous regions in the lungs, airtrapping, airway morphology, and fissure completeness. With LungQ we can support the interpretation of chest CT scans for early and fast diagnosis, selection of patients for treatment, treatment planning, and helping disease progression management. LungQ is used both in research trials and clinical settings.


Innovation with the latest AI technology

Our strong scientific heritage and embedding enable us to continuously innovate using the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Current development areas include bronchiectasis and mucous quantification in Cystic Fibrosis, quantification of the pulmonary arteries and veins, CT-approximated perfusion and ventilation quantification in COPD, detection of interstitial lung disease patterns, and sublobar segmentation.

Image Analysis Service

Thirona offers its quantitative analysis through an ISO 13485-certified image analysi